Saturday, August 14, 2010

Carphalea kirondron (Flaming Beauty)

The red of Carphaelea kirondron or giant pentas flower stands out so well against the blue of a tropical sky.

Gorgeous flaming-red flowers that are very long lasting
Botanical Name: Carphalea kirondron
Common Name: Flaming Beauty and Giant Pentas
Family name: Rubiaceae
Plant type: Ornamental shrub of medium height (1.5 – 3 meters), originated from Madagascar. Mainly, a tropical bush!
Light: Prefers full sun, but can tolerate semi-shade
Moisture: Requires regular watering moderately - tolerates abuse
Soil: Grows best in consistently moist soil, preferably compost-enriched! This Flaming Beauty can be grown in containers or ground
Can be propagated from stem cutting, though may be difficult.  Cut 2 or more 5-6 inches length of stem cuttings, trim of its leaves leaving a couple of them, then push into garden potting mix about an inch and a half deep, locate in shaded area and with regular watering, you should succeed with at least one.
Features: A medium height tropical shrub of up 3 m
Suitable as a centerpiece in the patio, courtyard or garden whether as a potted plant or in ground.
Care: Fuss-free plant easily maintained with normal watering and fertilizing and pruning to promote bushiness and flowers. Deadheading to remove the unattractive withered calyxes.


Len said...

Where can I buy some of these please???

Anonymous said...

I just bought one at Big W. Tweed Heads. Never heard of it before.

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