Saturday, November 6, 2010

Neoregelia plants.

On the left is Neoregelia orange glow .
On the right isvNeoregelia painted lady.
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Marleneann said...

Gwen I can't view your pictures. I have allowed my security to do it but still no go.

pitta said...

Can't understand why Marlene .no one else has reported problems .

JPintheNT said...


The only thing I can think that would cause it is if your browser security is blocking picasa. If so on IE you would find the list under Tools/Internet Options/Privacy/Sites. There will be a list there with block or allow next to them. If picasa is blocked there you would not see the images. You could copy the url from the picasa homepage in there and set it to 'allow'. That should fix that problem. Only other thing would be any security software you have that prevents redirects. If it does you would need to turn that feature off or provide picasa as an exception.

Good luck.

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