Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Aeschynanthus radicans crispa [lipstick plant]

This is an epiphype rainforest plant which grows in tree forks, foliage hangs down several feet then produces the flowers.I was given a cutting which when growing will find a home on one of my rainforest trees.
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Lachlan Finn said...

I would love a cutting of this plant, or a young propagation. Do you know of anyone selling them?

Beth said...

Hello Lipstick Plant Lovers,

It's interesting to contrast the Queensland fellow's lipstick plants with my little houseplant in the southern interior of British Columbia.

I picked up a cutting of it at the local hospital. It is now a year old and has a beautiful red, purple bloom on it. The lipstick tube is hairy and redder than its spathe. Both are exotic, erotic and gorgeous. All the spraying with steamy hot water paid off!

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