Monday, June 13, 2011

Freesia laxa .

Freesia will not grow in the tropics ,they are a southern flowering bulb. This Freesia laxa is from the tropics of Sth Africa where the climate is like Nth Qld having wet summers and do very well here.
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Bernie said...

This is just beautiful. It's a new plant to me. I'll definitely have to add this to the wish list. What a gorgeous flower.

pitta said...

I was sent the bulbs from melbourne
.there were a mix of red and white.only the red has flowered yet.They are real pretty flowers.

Marleneann said...

I like them Pitta.I will keep a lookout for them.

Marleneann said...

Pitta I have some Staghorn spores to spare.
Have you ever tried to get them to grow?
If you want some just let me know.
My gift to you.

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